Dear Visitors to My Web Site,

I hope it is not too daring if I take the opportunity to share with you my perception of the world and also a selection of my photographs. I have been fond of photographing since my youth and that is why I am including into the collection of my photographs some older, almost historical ones. A man and the landscape – these subjects have fascinated me throughout my life. My inner world is filled with their photographic images. I believe that the insight under the dull surface of our hasty times, in this world full of technology, in which the human dimension is often lost, might be appealing to you.

In the recent years, I have turned my lens toward the landscape of the Jeseníky Mountains, whose mysteries have become one of my lifetime pursuits. However, I am opened to other artistic experiences as well, both on my journeys and in my neighbourhood.

The rest is upon you: if any of my works appeals to you, do not hesitate to contact me in the section ‘Contacts’ – I will be grateful for your response and possible interest.

Jiří M. Doležel

The photographs displayed here are property of Ing. Jiří Doležel. They must not be downloaded, copied or used without prior written permission.